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Masks, Masks & More Masks

A mask is a device for driving the personality out of the body and allowing a spirit to take possession of it. ~ Keith Johnstone. (Sort of spooky, don't you think?)


Although masks were originally created to cover or disguise the face, today they have become a very popular decorator item because of their beauty and mystique. We at are proud to present the assortment shown below.

African Masks  

African Style Mask
African Style Masks

Masks made on the African Continent have a most distinct look. These masks are used in ceremonies and represent the spirits that are so important in the daily lives of the village people.

Aztec & Mayan Masks

Aztec and Mayan Masks
Aztec & Mayan Masks

Huichol Indians living in the Mexican State of Nayarit create their interpretations of Aztec and Mayan figures using their beaded techniques.

Fancy Faces Ceramic Masks

Ceramic Faces & Masks
Masks by Fancy Faces

Fancy Faces, a family owned business, has proudly produced the finest quality ceramic masks at any price for over two decades. Today they offer the largest variety of ceramic masks and faces.

Masks are made from our own molds, poured, painted, and fired in our kilns just outside of New Orleans. All masks are signed on the back by the artists and embellished with varying degrees of ribbons, laces, and fabrics. 

Planning a corporate or family event or celebration? The Fancy Faces special events department can work with you to create a truly memorable and unique event. Whether your theme is Mardi Gras, Silhouettes, New Orleans, or Jazz, Fancy Faces is your one-stop decoration source. Send an email describing your event (include date and location) to:

Voodoo Dolls & Masks by Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty Vodou Art
Miss Kitty's Dolls & Masks

Originating in Africa, the ancient religion of Voodoo has spread across the globe in various forms, and its influences can be seen today more than ever. Through our collaboration with Voodoo Authentica of New Orleans, it is now possible to experience the arts and crafts of this mysterious tradition. African, Haitian, and New Orleans artists are represented.


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