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Mexican Art

The land called Mexico has many moods and faces. Without a doubt Mexico is steeped in ancient Indian lore, seasoned with Spanish colonial customs. The array of folk art and crafts in Mexico is simply mind-boggling. Each region of Mexico has its own specialty, with villagers maintaining the traditions handed down from countless generations. continues to search this vast and wonderful landscape to bring you the very finest art available. If you know of any artists that create Mexican Art and would be interested in showcasing it on our website, please email us their name and telephone number and a description of their art. Please email

Alebrijes: Oaxaca Art (Wood Carvings)  

Alebrije Carvings

Wood carving, an ancestral Zapotec tradition, comes to its fullest expression through the Alebrijes. These are unreal and magic pieces born out of the imagination of the Oaxaqueño craftsmen. Alebrijes represent an innovative and unreal spirit of the Oaxaqueño soul through the hand carving and painting of fantastically shaped figures. These are made by Mixes tribes and craftsmen from San Martin Tilcajete. The perfect finish makes them unique and are considered as pieces of art.


Black Pottery: Oaxaca Art

Black Pottery
Black Pottery

Black pottery available from Arte Oaxaqueño is made following the traditional techniques. The beauty of this pottery is accomplished by a long process of several working days by Zapotec craftsmen, thus giving it the unique final touch.



Day of the Dead Dolls (Dia de los Muertos)

Dead of the Dead
Day of the Dead

In Mexican culture there is a philosophical acceptance of death as an integral part of the cycle of life. During "Los Dias de los Muertos", people believe that the souls of the dead return every year to earth for one day. The art on these pages highlights extraordinary creations by extraordinary Mexican Artists.



Glassy Pottery: Oaxaca Art

Glassy Pottery
Glassy Pottery

Santa Maria Atzompa is a village where agriculture and pottery are the two main activities. Craftsmen create the Glassy Pottery through a long and precise process, obeying a primitive technique that does not use any mold. They break with traditional patterns and capture the spirit of their creative soul giving life to sophisticated shapes.



Political Unrest Feeds Art

Mexican Political Art
Political Art: Mexico

The Indian men and women that make these dolls strives to glorify the cause of the rebels in the state of Chiapas, Mexico as they attempt to gain the human rights they feel have been denied for centuries.



Potters of Oaxaca: DVD or Video

Potters of Oaxaca - Video
Potters of Oaxaca

A video showing artesanos from Oaxaca, Mexico working in all aspects of pottery production: clay excavation, sifting, mixing, wedging, coiling, carvings, decorating, firing, and selling.



Weavers of Oaxaca: DVD or Video

Weavers of Oaxaca
Weavers of Oaxaca

A 45-minute video showing weavers working in all aspects of weaving. Native weavers show the many steps in making a tapestry. They card, spin, wash and dye the wool. Filmed in Santa Ana de Valle and Teotitlán de Valle, two villages outside the city of Oaxaca. The music was recorded on the streets of Oaxaca.



Weavings by Zapotec Indians (Oaxaca)

Zapotec Weavings
Zapotec Weavings

The Dominican priests brought the first sheep to the small village Teotitlán del Valle in what is today the State of Oaxaca. That's when the weaving of clothes began. The inhabitants of Teotitlán specialize in the weaving of 100% virgin wool rugs, all of them elaborated with complex designs, frets, and incomparable colors.


Zapotec Dolls: Oaxaca Art

Zapotec Dolls
Zapotec Dolls

Authentic Zapotec Dolls made by Zapotec mothers in Teotitlán del Valle in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Made from acrylic fiber. 15" tall.


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