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Doll: Spirit of War

SKU: MK-160

Also called Ogun, Gu, Ogoun. One of the sons of Nana-Buluku, Ogu was the West African loa of iron, when iron working was widely considered a sacred profession. The nature of Ogu is powerful, aggressive, dynamic, and decidedly male. Because he made, among other things, weaponry, Ogu became associated with hunting. Now Ogu is widely thought of as a warrior.

His transformation is rife with misconceptions. Ogu is not a negative loa. His is the nature we draw upon when we need courage, fortitude and strength. He is the hunter when we are hungry; the warrior when we are attacked.

Ogu is generally associated with the color red. In this piece, Ogu is portrayed with a fierce visage, three black-fisted protection charms on his breastplate, and around his waist, a sword with remnants of blood from the kill. His expression is stoic; his appearance, fierce and resolute.

This piece is appropriate for a soldier, a protector, or a person who would benefit from such a spirit in their life.

Medium: Papier mache wood, Spanish moss, raffia, charms

Size: 31" high x 20" wide

PRICE:  $425.00


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