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Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

We generally consider dolls to be children's toys but in some cultures and countries throughout the world dolls have a unique significance. Check out the fascinating ones we have below and check back often for additions.   


Voodoo Dolls

We are very proud of the Voodoo Authentica™ name. It means that all of our dolls and crafts are made by local New Orleans Artists, Spiritualists, Healers and/or Voodoo Practitioners. Each of these individuals has been sought out because of the time, love, energy and care which they put into the creation of each and every unique item.

Voodoo Dolls Seven-African Powers Set

All Purpose
PRICE: $185.00
Voodoo Dolls Baron Samedi

Purpose: Ancestral Connection
PRICE: $61.00
Voodoo Dolls Day of the Dead Doll

Purpose: Ancestral Connection
PRICE: $34.00
Voodoo Dolls Marie Laveau

Purpose: Ancestral Connection
PRICE: $34.00
Voodoo Dolls Ancestral Protection

Purpose: Ancestral Connection
PRICE: $61.00
Voodoo Dolls Gamblin' Man

Purpose: Money, Luck, Prosperity
PRICE: $35.00
Voodoo Dolls Magick Wish Doll

All Purpose
PRICE: $35.00






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