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Mankind wants and needs to belief in a high-being, a creator, a God, or the gods. The religions of the world are so very diverse. Each religion feels it has all the answers. This web site exhibits the arts and crafts of all religions without supporting or denying any of the respective creeds.

FolkArt.Com™; constantly seeks arts and crafts from ALL religions. If you know of such art, please email  



At that time, in the year 1531, in the early days of the month of December, it happened that there lived a poor Indian, named Juan Diego. The Virgin Guadalupe appeared before the frightened youth. She instructed him to tell the Bishop to build a temple on the hillside. The Bishop, not believing the tale Juan Diego told, requested proof. The Holy Virgin again instructed Juan Diego. "Gather roses in your sarape". Miraculously when Juan Diego let down his sarape filled with roses before the Bishop, the image of the Holy Virgin was found embossed on the cloth. Juan Diego's sarape with the image of Guadalupe may be seen today over the alter in the Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe in Mexico City. Guadalupe, please pray for us...

Tiny cloth Scapularios represent various Saints. Traditionally the Scapulario is worn around the neck or carried in a purse or pocket. These Scapularios were blessed by the priest serving Mass at the Church of Guadalupe in Tijuana, Mexico on April 29, 2000. Approximately 1-1/8 inch plus string to go around your neck.

Guadalupe Scapularios


Blessed in Mexico
PRICE: $15.00
Scapulario Options

Voodoo Dolls

We are very proud of the Voodoo Authentica™ name. It means that all of our dolls and crafts are made by local New Orleans Artists, Spiritualists, Healers and/or Voodoo Practitioners. Each of these individuals has been sought out because of the time, love, energy and care which they put into the creation of each and every unique item. Frequently Asked Questions about Voodoo Dolls.

Voodoo Dolls Seven-African Powers Set

All Purpose
PRICE: $185.00
Voodoo Dolls Baron Samedi

Purpose: Ancestral Connection
PRICE: $61.00
Voodoo Dolls Day of the Dead Doll

Purpose: Ancestral Connection
PRICE: $34.00
Voodoo Dolls Marie Laveau

Purpose: Ancestral Connection
PRICE: $34.00
Voodoo Dolls Ancestral Protection

Purpose: Ancestral Connection
PRICE: $61.00
Voodoo Dolls Gamblin' Man

Purpose: Money, Luck, Prosperity
PRICE: $35.00
Voodoo Dolls Magick Wish Doll

All Purpose
PRICE: $35.00




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