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From the wire scorpions crafted by a street entrepreneur for Oaxacan tourists to museum-resident oils created by an historically renowned painter, the works of creative people find a special place in our lives. Artists bring their own experience to bear in their work. And each beholder brings his or her experience in reacting to the creative process.

At™ we hold that this artist-beholder relationship is one of the key characteristics of the human experience: the scorpion may elicit a smile, while the museum piece may generate a tear; or, indeed, vice-versa. These reactions are evidence of the divine within us.

But where there is divinity, there’s a buck to be made. Our mission at is to facilitate the artist-beholder relationship by introducing these artists, their cultures and their works to our audience, and, in most cases, to offer their works for purchase. We represent many of our artists directly either having met them through our travels, or by these artists introducing themselves to us through our web site. Other artists come to us through various country-resident brokers who have personal connections to these creative peoples, either individually, or through town or tribal councils.
When you purchase a work of art from, your order will be fulfilled directly by the artist or broker but, at the same time, you are backed by the guarantee of delivery and satisfaction.

Categorizing our artwork is a difficult process for us. It requires that we link minds with our customers who may have something very specific in mind. While we present some very general categories in our menus, you can simply send us an e-mail at; we’ll help you find the art you’re searching for.

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